Let's get Spooky!

Traditional Halloween parties and trick-or-treating will probably not be a thing this year but that doesn't mean Halloween has to be canceled! We want to make sure this year's festivities are still special and memorable for your kiddo(s).

Join us for 2 weeks of Halloween Fun! From Oct 17-Nov 1 enjoy trick-or-treats, spooktacular games, scary crafts and more- all inside the cafe! (Not available for outside).

There will be Halloween themed everything and the staff will be dressed up so make sure to put on your best costume too!

To guarantee social distancing while your child plays, reservations are required. 

To book, reserve your table as you normally would but make sure it is from 10/17-11/1. As long as your booking falls in those dates you're in for a ghostly time! Yep that's right, you'll get your very own private Monster Mash for 1 hour. 

2 parties (of 5 max from same the household) are allowed to have the same booking time. You just need to sit on different tables to follow the state's mandate.

*Halloween treats/games/crafts/etc are included when you dine with us so we appreciate that you purchase food & drink when you come in for your visit. 

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