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About K & P

Keiki and the Pineapple was created by Tiffany Morrissey who was born and raised in Hawaii. Tiffany met her husband in Ireland while studying abroad and together have lived in both London and Singapore. After their son was born in London, Tiffany became a stay-at-home mom and quickly realized the importance and blessing of having somewhere to go with your little one (keiki). 

Tiffany has first hand experienced most of the wonderful things you can do with your child in London (and there is a lot) and having been submerged in the 'Mom Life' community, she wants to bring some of that here. 


Hawaii is one of the most amazing places for a child to grow up yet it can be lonely for a parent/carer if you don't have any support. Keiki and the Pineapple allows you to meet others in the same shoes and to cherish spending time with your keiki. 

Every week there will be something exciting going on for the keiki because it is always nice to have something to look forward to.

Please check our Calendar tab for more details. 

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