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Covid-19 Handpaint Art

This is a cheesy one but really sweet to look back at later. Covid-19 obviously has affected all of us but we pushed through! We are starting to come out of it so not too late to do this memorable craft.

You just need white paper (a big one for framing would be cool), acrylic paint, a sharpie and some hands! Get the whole family involved for this one.

  1. Spread different colored paints on something (like a disposable paper plate) and dip your hands. Or just paint your hand directly. Each person in the family should have a different color.

  2. Stamp each person's hand one by one, overlapping each other. Let the smallest hand go last so it shows up on the paper :)

  3. Lastly, in sharpie you can write: 'When the whole world stayed apart, we stayed together'. And date it. Cuz let's be honest it's been a crazy year right?

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