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Shoebox Aquarium

This project is one of the longer arts and crafts, but after you finish it's really cute! (inspired by @almostmakesperfect on Instagram)

You'll need:

1. any small box like a shoe box or a beer box (yep we used a beer box, don't judge!)

2. a sheet of white paper (thicker is better)

3. a sheet of blue paper

4. something to color with like paints, crayons or markers

5. pipe-cleaners

6. scissors

7. string

8. tape


  1. Cut an opening on one side

  2. Cut the blue paper so that it fits inside the box and tape it. (This will be the water background).

  3. Color in random patches of colors for your fishies. We did 4 patches.

  4. Cut out animal shapes out of these color patches and draw eyes and faces for fishes or an octopus.

  5. Tape down the pipe-cleaners on the bottom of the box to make it look like seaweed.

  6. Then string up the animals at the top of the box using more tape.

  7. Shake the box and see the fish move!

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