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55 Arts and Crafts Ideas to do at Home

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

*Please note, I am currently in the middle of trying to finish this blog post. It has been published so that I can add links to the arts and crafts (see below). They are being added as fast as I am able to!

Hello! About a year ago, when the pandemic started, we were all quarantined at home (husband, 3 yr old toddler and I). To get the kiddo off the screen(s), I tried to come up with a daily arts and crafts activity. I'm not going to lie, it takes a lot of energy and commitment but it's always fun to do together (even if most times I end up doing the entire craft by myself haha).

I despise crafts that require bagillion supplies or are overcomplicated so these 55 crafts below should be fairly easy to do! To make it easier to navigate, when you click on the craft you will be directed to another page :) Have fun and get creative!! Oh and tag us in your projects!! :)

  1. Color with Bubbles!

  2. Ice Dig

  3. Toilet Roll Octopus

  4. Paper Tunnels

  5. Tie Dye Butterfly

  6. Car Markers

  7. Paper Lei

  8. Name Painting

  9. Cardboard Vintage Camera

  10. Shadow Tracing

  11. Melted Crayon Art

  12. Sticker Puzzles

  13. DIY Racetrack

  14. Color Scavenger Hunt

  15. Homemade Binoculars

  16. Cardboard Parking Garage

  17. Sink or Float Test

  18. Floral Lion

  19. Shoebox Aquarium

  20. Potato Stamps

  21. Covid-19 Handpaint Art

  22. Reusable Paint Canvas

  23. Jello Dig

  24. Animal Sorting

  25. Salt Coloring

  26. Toddler Friendly Tie Dye

  27. Egg Carton Spider

  28. Egg Carton Animal Portrait

  29. Lego Painting

  30. Coffee Filter Rainbows

  31. Fizzing Colors

  32. Paper Bag Jellyfish

  33. Growing Rainbow

  34. Fork Stamped Tulips

  35. Colored Pasta Lei

  36. Magic Paper Towel

  37. Star Rescue

  38. Nature Collage

  39. Sensory Squishy Bags

  40. Magic Milk

  41. Stain Glass Paintings

  42. Lion Fork Painting

  43. Toilet Paper Roll Stamps

  44. Cardboard TV

  45. Blow Painting

  46. Toy Washing Station

  47. Nature Sun Catcher

  48. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

  49. Rainbow Pop Up Card

  50. Cardboard Nature Vase

  51. Easy DIY Slime

  52. Exploding Car Wash

  53. I Spy Cardboard Lens

  54. Cardboard Noah's Ark

  55. Toilet Paper Roll Pineapple

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